A Hairy Pear

We seem to be Driving Over Hairy Pears at the moment. Well, that’s what our kids called them when we moved here, that first Spanish Autumn of 2006. Quince or Membrillo – it is a hairy pear, but can be used in a variety of ways. We stew them in Tangines, make Membrillo paste to go with cheese, add them to apple to make a winter crumble. Here’s a handy link to some insightful quince recipes, enjoy! 


Let it snow, Let it snow, Take it Slow

Yes, we had a good sprinkling of the white stuff last night, big powdery flakes that were melted away today by the Andalucían sunshine, but hopefully that will have improved the Ski conditions up at the the Sierra Nevada...

Cold weather, warm stew based dishes – a slow cooker bought in one of my more clever moments is the basis for this recipe, but a watched pot or for authenticity a tagine from Morocco will do.

Think Morocco and sunshine, zingy spices and warmth! More