A supper date…

…at our English friends house – they were here for 3 weeks and had the neighbours in fora chinwag and a chomp! Pete and Carole always put out a huge selection of nice food, so I cobbled together a quick tray to take – this one is Moroccan in flavour, and is quick to make up, the Spanish friends didn´t touch it though – too foreign!

Hummus, here´s my recipe some juicy dates, crudities and a little cous cous mixed with mint and cucumber, onion and tomato.  Shape the cous cous in a circle – it looks better, and add a few pitta slices, and a bowl of local olives made pretty with a leaf from the tree and a wedge of lemon….hey presto! Apologies for the pic – I think I had the wrong setting on, but you get the picture!

a little bit of everything


Had some delicious Alioli with little cubed roast potato last night up at Bar Atalyón in Murtas last night.

I always buy it, and assumed it was like mayo but with added garlic, on noticing Toni had a big homemade supply I asked for the recipe, and here it is. Tried it today and it works, perfectly, and took 15 seconds to make!

Whatever the quantity you want, use twice as much olive oil as cold milk. Add garlic chopped finely, again as strong as you like, salt to taste. Whizz all SLOWLY in a blender and…..

That’s it!

Terésa said she adds a slice of white bread and ground almonds, and uses it as a spread, like Hummus.

Sorry no pics, Josh managed to break his foot last night and I am a little pushed for time!

More TopTapas soon…

A few posts on the move from Blogger!

Kidneys in Sherry

Weather’s a bit cold….a few days of rain in store for us and it’s our fiesta weekend here in Murtas Las Alpujarras – so a quick warming dish, if you like kidneys that is! More