Leftover magic under the Spanish sun

I was working hard this past week, travel articles and organic beauty were in fierce competition with the upcoming Mijas Rocks Málaga Music Festival, which I’m promoting like a dervish, as well as looking forward to!  My Twitter feed has swelled to incorporate tweets from movers and shakers, and a few head-bangers – all good!  I’m just waiting for Jon Bon Jovi to ask my advice on his leather trousers. Ahem.

So, meanwhile, Stan cleaned and washed and he’s a pretty good ‘housewife’ – well, basically I’m pretty crap at it, probably the most disorganised one you should ever meet…

And he cooked. He’s pretty inventive too. Some leftover Keema mix from his delicious Samosas were transformed into this, hmmm, let’s give it a Spanish angle and call it Picante Picada con Huevo.  That’s what it is, and it would be just as easy to use up some Bolognaise or Shepherd’s Pie filling – but we do like a bit of spice at our house… 🙂

A couple of flatbread strips on the side for dipping.  (Flour and water, griddle, hey presto)


He added some home-made Triturate (cooked and sieved tomatoes) to the Keema mixture. Then added a couple of sheets of Filo, or Brick, as layers, and in a centre hollow dropped in an egg to each cazuela.  Baked until the egg whites were set but yolks still runny  – and we ate lunch in the little tat-filled courtyard we grandly call our garden.  The simple pleasures of leftovers and sunshine!  And a glass of vino too of course!  Ah, the rock star life…lol.


Review: Khan’s Tandoori Restaurant, Almunecar

A rummage at the Almunecar rastro on Sunday usually builds up a decent hunger by lunchtime. We live so far away it means we have to get up and drive there fairly early, and we can have a decent lunch of something a bit removed from local fayre.

BUT Spanish food can be quite boring….there, I’ve said it. And good value can mean just a larger plate of boring…..so we try to look for other cuisines – and yesterday found the Indian food we were craving…

We would have been perfectly happy with an average curry. We cook Asian often at home and are the proud owners of a fairly impressive spice rack.


But Khan’s was no average or ordinary Tandoori restaurant.

We smelled the spices roasting from the next street…

We ordered Onion Bhaji, Pakora, Lamb Dopiaza, Butter Chicken, Pilau, Naan, popadoms and pickle tray – and smooth Mango Lassi…….

The spices were flavourful and layered, delicate yet never bland. The heat was enough to taste everything and appreciate the skill used in the kitchen. The Butter Chicken was simply outstanding. Creamy but light at the same time, fragrant, delicious. Bhajis were crisp and dry, crumbling in the mouth, and the Pakoras generous chunks of white chicken breast.

The Lamb was certainly Dopiaza or twice cooked, melt in the mouth soft and tender. Chargrilled peppers and a piquant sauce made the remainder of the dish.

The Pilau was fragrant, delicate.

Price: Less than €35

Mr and Mrs Khan are friendly, approachable, relaxed. They know they’re doing something really, really well. The best food this side of the Taj Majal. Yes, even in Spain!

Khan’s Restaurant. Calle Livry Gargan, 6, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, España

Article author’s own – no product was exchanged in return for review.