A supper date…

…at our English friends house – they were here for 3 weeks and had the neighbours in fora chinwag and a chomp! Pete and Carole always put out a huge selection of nice food, so I cobbled together a quick tray to take – this one is Moroccan in flavour, and is quick to make up, the Spanish friends didn´t touch it though – too foreign!

Hummus, here´s my recipe some juicy dates, crudities and a little cous cous mixed with mint and cucumber, onion and tomato.  Shape the cous cous in a circle – it looks better, and add a few pitta slices, and a bowl of local olives made pretty with a leaf from the tree and a wedge of lemon….hey presto! Apologies for the pic – I think I had the wrong setting on, but you get the picture!

a little bit of everything