Albondigas de Arroz – leftover rice balls!

Elle over at Spain Buddy was extolling the tasty delights of these little fried balls of leftover rice, so when I was about to throw the leftover brown rice from the curry last week, I stopped an inch short of the dog’s nose – poor chap –  and remembered her post.

Stan was El Cocinero del Día, as he tends to be during the week – and most weekends too  – so he went about making them up.   Actually, we thought of the recipe at the same time, he having read it in one of our cookery books.  We have many…the latest is just gorgeous – literally.


Anyway he set about rolling the rice, using grated cheese and bit of cheddar stuffed in the middle, spices and herbs and seasoning.  Then he dipped them in beaten egg…


Then flour and breadcrumbs…


A little left-over rice sure goes a long way!



He fried them in hot olive oil in a shallow pan, and we ate them with chilli dipping sauce and some tsatziki.  Next time maybe a bit of chilli inside too – but that’s personal taste.  And yes, there were some left over for the canines!


Shy eaters we have…



Okay, so not Tapas, not even Spanish, but hey, I like it!

What I really like is using leftovers, I am the leftover Queen.  All those years in the Eighties starving in London…well, usually a toss-up between a meal or going for a drink with friends, the beer won out every time!

So you’ve slow roasted some tomatoes, with garlic and sea salt, a splash of balsamic, a sprinkle of sugar, blitz it up and add it to whatever – lots of bolognaise left over means Lasagne, a little cayenne and chocolate and we have Chili, or this week…Calzone.

The kids call it Foldyoverpizza – I guess it is – and with the addition of some dough from the breadmaker, a meal. Here it is in pictures!

Leaving the dough to double in size

Add the bolognaise, sprinkle on cheese

fold over, seal and egg wash (yolk and water)

bake for 25mins at 200ºC

serve with a quick salad...

...Mmmm, tasty!