Review: Khan’s Tandoori Restaurant, Almunecar

A rummage at the Almunecar rastro on Sunday usually builds up a decent hunger by lunchtime. We live so far away it means we have to get up and drive there fairly early, and we can have a decent lunch of something a bit removed from local fayre.

BUT Spanish food can be quite boring….there, I’ve said it. And good value can mean just a larger plate of boring… we try to look for other cuisines – and yesterday found the Indian food we were craving…

We would have been perfectly happy with an average curry. We cook Asian often at home and are the proud owners of a fairly impressive spice rack.


But Khan’s was no average or ordinary Tandoori restaurant.

We smelled the spices roasting from the next street…

We ordered Onion Bhaji, Pakora, Lamb Dopiaza, Butter Chicken, Pilau, Naan, popadoms and pickle tray – and smooth Mango Lassi…….

The spices were flavourful and layered, delicate yet never bland. The heat was enough to taste everything and appreciate the skill used in the kitchen. The Butter Chicken was simply outstanding. Creamy but light at the same time, fragrant, delicious. Bhajis were crisp and dry, crumbling in the mouth, and the Pakoras generous chunks of white chicken breast.

The Lamb was certainly Dopiaza or twice cooked, melt in the mouth soft and tender. Chargrilled peppers and a piquant sauce made the remainder of the dish.

The Pilau was fragrant, delicate.

Price: Less than €35

Mr and Mrs Khan are friendly, approachable, relaxed. They know they’re doing something really, really well. The best food this side of the Taj Majal. Yes, even in Spain!

Khan’s Restaurant. Calle Livry Gargan, 6, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, España

Article author’s own – no product was exchanged in return for review.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. con jamón spain
    Nov 04, 2014 @ 17:26:28

    Know exactly what you mean about the craving. However…you didn’t have the paneer it seems? Like dhal, it’s a staple of Indian food. It’s one of our favourite dishes and yet, here, it was cooked with a ‘cheddar’-type cheese that had disintegrated into a slime.

    We asked them about this and the response was: ‘It’s what the Spanish like.’ No sense of ‘we know what you mean.’

    However, the prawn puri was lovely as was the chicken dhansak, so on balance, for us, it was 6/10. Jaipur in Nerja is better in our opinion (8/10).


    • Carol Byrne
      Nov 05, 2014 @ 07:51:20

      Thanks for your comment. No we didn’t try the Paneer, which I make at home anyway. Surprised to read of the response as we found the owners to be chatty and friendly, and really informative about their food. Perhaps it was a bad day?! Have tried to eat at Jaipur and always find it closed 😦 Isn’t it the same owners as the little streetfood shop in Nerja? Thought that tasty but madly overpriced for the tiniest of portions. Khan’s still top marks for me!


  2. con jamón spain
    Nov 05, 2014 @ 09:48:40

    Hi Carol – don’t know about the street food link. That’s the great beauty of curry places – everyone has their favourite dishes/restaurants! The owner was very nice, yes but the paneer was as it was. It was a quiet day – maybe one or two other tables in the whole time we were there. Best wishes


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