Casablanca Apple pie and Ice Cream Casablanca

A pie is just a pie…! Loved this blog

ice cream magazine

autumn fruits : harvest3x3  pix©  apple pie ©

You must remember this,

a kiss is still a kiss

pie is just a pie,

the fundamental things apply

Straight too each thigh….?

From a purely architectural viewpoint a decent wedge of pie with its moon glow apple is, to my mind, a thing of great beauty. Once white and crisp, becoming soft, sweet and generous from being richly encased in warm, buttery, golden pastry. An apple pie takes ones figurative biscuit.

apples garden©  apple pie ©

I find, however ham-fisted-and-cobbled-together a home-made apple pie is a ponderous and wondrous thing. Bore within its chamber filled with, spiced or fragrant vanilla apple, sharp-sweet layers, soft-firmer slices engulfed in pastry, serve warm to cherished friends, accompanied by a cheeky glass of musty Muscat or with coffee, calvados and gossip for after-dinner perfection particularly as our wet and windy Autumn sets in her roots.

apple pie ©  apple pie ©

This post was notioned by a table of outré women taking luncheon in a Michelin starred…

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