Enough figs for a fig cake

We don’t have ripe figs yet here at altitude, but I WILL be making this!

Notes on a Spanish Valley

The fig tree is heavy with fruit at the moment, but most is out of our reach but within reach of birds and small mammals. But there is such an abundance we are happy to share. We are actually able to reach fruit on about a quarter of the tree, if that. We have to wait until one of Pablo’s sons arrives to do their goat-like impersonation, hanging from branch to branch, a skill honed from years of fruit picking. Today JP collects a large bowlful, enough for a cake and to poach some fruit for breakfast. This is my trusted recipe for cake baked with almost any kind of fruit, based on a Nigel Slater original from The Kitchen Diaries. fig cake - cut figs 12-7-13150g butter
150g sugar
3-4 figs, quartered
3 large eggs [or 4 of Pablo’s]
75g plain flour
1½ tsp baking powder
100g ground almonds
50g shelled walnuts or…

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