Oi, Blondie. You’re sooo sweet!

Brownies we love, that ooey gooey-ness and chocolate craving satisfaction. Spanish cakes just don’t make the grade, too dry, nuh-uh. So the pleasure is plugging in the shiny mixing wizard and pre heating the oven. Books I have yards of, and cookery books too are no exception to my literary rule – they’re a bit of a guilty pleasure and we’ve accumulated rather a lot.

But not too many ‘dessert’ related ones. Occassionally I come across a droolable one, and have to have it – we use The Book Depository or Awesome Books for free worldwide delivery and the best prices  – the latter has some brilliant secondhand bargains.

Last year, on ‘postre’ mission – I nabbed a copy of One More Slice by Leila Lindholm. The blurb of Sourdough bread, pizza, pasta and sweet pastries was just enough to entice my overworked Paypal details. Oh, I am such a pushover!



And so to her Blondies:

450g softened butter

200g sugar

200g muscovado sugar

1 tbsp vanilla sugar

zest of 3 lemons

500g flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

300g white chocolate (I substituted dried red mixed berries)

Oven 180 degrees


Mix it all together beating the eggs in one at a time, and fold in the flour and baking powder. Add the chocolate (or berries) and slap it in the oven for 25 minutes. Cool, slice into squares. Be quick – it won’t last!

José was painting the house and enjoyed a couple on the scaffold! Miguel happily mixed one with his ever present snot and smile. I got a little one! My version of Leilas recipe below:


Postre – dessert

*The author has no affilliation nor taken payment from any business, company mentioned in this article.



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