Flan, but not as we know it

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Notes on a Spanish Valley

‘Flan’ means one thing to a Spaniard, and a totally different thing to an English person. Granted, they are both desserts. The English flan involves pastry and usually a custardy filling. The Spanish version cuts to the best bit: custard without pastry. In England, we know it as Crème Caramel. To me, that meant an anaemic version my mother made with powder from a box [don’t ask, it was the Sixties]. the whisks 15-9-13This recipe is from Omar Allibhoy’s new book Tapas Revolution. He describes it as el flan de mi madre and says it’s the best he has ever tasted. I haven’t tasted many, but this tasted divine. It didn’t look so great, but with hindsight that’s probably because our condensed milk was ‘light’. We won’t make that mistake again: if you’re going to eat flan, you have to accept condensed milk in all its gooey glory.making the caramel 15-9-133 eggs

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