Great post, nice to see you had so much fun re making all of it at home

Scribbler in Seville

A few years ago, I was listening to a programme on Radio 4 about an American writer who lives in Venice, and sets her detective stories there, rather like the Falcon books here in Seville.

Food was an important part of her Venetian detective’s life, as it is for everyone in Italy – you can’t investigate a murder on an empty stomach – and the writer commented that for women in southern Europe, cooking is something that they’re delighted to do; providing daily meals for their family is a task they revel in, whereas in northern Europe, it is seen as a chore, an imposition. A succinct observation which shows a sound knowledge of Mediterranean and Anglo-Saxon culture and social dynamics.

Being English, I tend to fall into the latter category; not being a natural in the kitchen is something inherited from my mother, who positively loathes cooking (her Scottish mother, my grandmother…

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