Candy, Barcelona

Dentist, anyone?!


Even though I’ve already written about the Boqueria Market in Spain, as well as the enticing, shiny candy they have for sale, it seems I never run out of pictures from that place. This picture I love because it’s so magical and surreal. It perfectly embodies the phrase “kids in a candy store,” and somehow immediately brings you back to the wonder of childhood (and maybe the fact that you somehow could ingest so much more sugar back then without feeling sick).

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bizarre foods: Spanish honeymoon

Really Risa

churros con chocolat (fried doughnuts w/chocolate), Churrería la Fama, Zaragoza — the best way to start the day

Our introduction to Spanish food was, shall we say, challenging. On our first night in Barcelona we visited an amazing tapas joint (Quimet i Quimet) recommended by Anthony Bourdain, but our positive experience in the city ended there. We ended up eating a lot of jamón ibérico y queso (iberian ham and cheese) and had a horrid taste of paella. So when we arrived in Madrid (our third city) we decided to take a tapas foodie tour of the city. It was one of our favorite nights of the trip (despite the protests that prohibited us from getting a sweet taste of sherry at a bar blocked off by barricades). We met up with our guide, Kay, from Madrid Food Tour and another honeymooning couple from New Jersey for a night of savory…

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Easy Pea-sy Pasta

A quick favourite stand by lunch, added iron in the spinach for the kids – especially for moody hormonal teens –  and worth sharing with you, so I will.

What do you need?

  • Frozen peas
  • Bag of fresh spinach leaves
  • Macaroni or similar pasta
  • Garlic – about 3 cloves chopped
  • Butter
  • Olive oil

Fry the garlic in the butter with little oil. Cook the peas and also the pasta, add the peas to the pan with the garlic and just wilt the spinach –  and then tip into the blender, mix until smooth.ImageImage

Add the cooked pasta to the sauce and mix gently….top with some fresh Parmesan shavings, a bunch of chopped mint, season and go….the kids´ll never know…sshhhh

By the way, it´s darned tasty too!