Thanks to Lynz! Happy Easter!

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‘Hot -Cross Buns, Hot- Cross Buns ;

One a penny poker,

Two a penny tongs,

Three a penny fire shovel

Hot-Cross Buns’

Good Friday of Easter is the traditional day to make these delicious little buns, that will fill your home with a heady, spicy scent. Apart from the obvious cross symbol , I also like the thought of the cross depicting the four seasons.

When ever I’m baking, I never seem to be able to make the quantity on the recipe, maybe I think I always make my portion sizes to big…..hey there could lie my problem note to self ‘Take note”

But this is not the time of year to think of our waistbands, tis time to indulge – bikini diets can follow soon.

So here is my family recipe for Hot-Cross Buns- makes 20 healthy sized spicy buns. Best eaten warm from the oven, or lightly toasted…

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