Something for the weekend…

Josh decided to stay over at a friend’s house last weekend, their village fiesta was on and a party night was planned with lots of….no, wait, I’d rather not know…! The village in question was Cherin – a short trek of about 40 kms over the mountain on the other side of Ugijar, home to our ‘local’ supermarket so tied in with a restock of the fridge Stan took him.

I went along to pick him up on Sunday morning, we got to the bridge before town where we were flagged down by a young chap who asked if we were looking for Josh – I guess not too many guiris there then! He directed us to the ‘venta ‘ and there we found Mr Bleary Eyes trying to look cool – and sober – so leaving him to gather his bags and his wits we decided to have a quick beer as we were parked outside the bar – rude not to after all.

The coldest bar I have ever been in was the scene – with a long marble counter and the whole village and local band grouped around it so we joined in. Ordering our Alhambra especiales we were asked whether we wanted tapas, and what we would like, as the chap gestured to the blackboard. There was a long list, from Cheese to Chiperones – we chose 2 plates of croquettas which were home made and garlicky, served with their own little olives.

Joined by Josh he ordered a coke – rehydrating?! – and a hamburger which came with chips, same for Stan, I had Morcilla – my favourite. Made by the owners it was nicely spicy with more than a hint of Chili and Aniseed, a hint of cinnamon – yum. Another 2 beers to wash it down.

how can something made from blood taste like this?!

I forgot about feeling cold as we soaked up the food, the beer and the atmosphere….and the bill? 4 bottles of beer, 1 coke and 5 plates of food….€9. I kid you not. As if we needed yet another reason to love it here!

  • Morcilla – blood sausage
  • Chiperones – cuttlefish
  • Croquettas – potato with ham or cheese rolled in breadcrumbs and fried.
  • guiris – foreigners
  • venta – roadside inn

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